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Flaunt your pearly whites with the best dentist in Borivali

Apart from its highly emerging and advanced technology to cure your dental problems, Smile World Dental Clinic is the epitome of a Family dental clinic. Any dental issue will be taken care of at Smile World Dental Clinic. Braces specialists, kid’s specialists, invisible braces specialists, aligner dentists, and many more specialties are provided by the expert dentists of Smile World Dental Clinic in Borivali.

What does Smile Dental Clinic offer?

Smile World Dental Clinic is one of the finest dental clinics in Borivali with the most knowledgeable dentists. This clinic has excellent clinicians and very engaging staff who are very helpful in providing the necessary advice and care. 

At Smile World Dental Clinic, we transform your smile. From metal braces to root canals, when you visit us, we shape your smile with the help of our team of pediatric dentist, braces specialist (orthodontist), and other dentist specialists. Dental Treatment Types


1. Whitening of the Teeth: Teeth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural color of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surfaces.

2. Braces: Dental braces are orthodontic devices that align and adjust teeth and help position them.

3. Implants: Dental implants are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth without having to grind any neighboring healthy teeth.

4. Root Canal: Root canal treatment repairs and saves a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. Thus restoring life to the tooth.

5. Invisalign: Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners rather than metal braces to straighten teeth. Invisalign is a set of specially designed clear braces that cover your teeth and gradually pull them into the proper position.

6. Smile Design - Get a straighter, whiter, and more beautiful natural-looking smile. Smile Design can completely do wonders to the original state of your existing teeth, giving your teeth a heavenly bright touch with your smile designing dentist in Borivali.

7. Pediatric dentistry- this clinic provides all kinds of dental treatment for your children with the best pediatric dentist in Borivali.

Treatment at Smile World Dental Clinic


This dental clinic is equipped in treating every dental issue, that a person is suffering from. The issues dealt with here at Smile World Dental Clinic are backed by the best dentist in Borivali and the pediatric and smile-designing dentist who will treat your dental cavity, gum disease, or any kind of teeth replacement or alignment problems. With care for your health, the aim remains to polish your smile by the most professional dentists who get the work done.